Glad You’re Here…

Hello I’m Dionna… I teach, write, and produce comedy. I’m the longtime former Director of Talent Inclusion for the Second City for 21 years…I’m not old, just experienced and sometimes funny.

It takes courage to get out of our own way and do something different.

Courage to live, work, create and even breathe in a new way can often be uncomfortable and scary until we make one tiny, incredible move.

Many years ago, I took a leap of faith and dived into comedy and improv.

I didn’t consider myself funny, and had no clue what improv on stage meant, but I auditioned anyway.

That single choice (working out of my comfort zone)

led me to

discovering my voice and truth,

building a robust 20+ year career in theatre and comedy,

and learning how to thrive and create belonging

in the most uncomfortable spaces.

Today, I use those same skills (including my biggest failures)

that I learned in the audition room and on stage

to coach and collaborate with




and companies – maybe you?!

Your commitment to truth is your superpower

Your were NEVER meant

to be Invisible

And, once you get really serious,

I mean really, serious by including yourself

Everything changes.

Learn more about my journey and how I can support your work.

” I owe my entire Second City career to you. You’re the best cheerleader advocate anyone could ever ask for…I have grown so much in these last couple of years.

Kaye Winks, LA working actor and writer

Telling Your Truth 1-3


Writer, Actors, Playwrights and Novices – join this class to work on passion projects in a community of like minded creatives. We ideate, explore writing tools, create structure and hold you accountable for getting work on the page and discovering your best creative voice. Each level advances with accountability, invited special guest professionals, meet-ups, and creative challenges to keep your muscles cranking out the work.

Classes offered virtually with city location meet ups.

Scripting & Producing


You’ve written a script, want one on one feedback or you’re ready to test market your work in the world . Maybe it’s a solo show, a reading, or getting your script submission festival ready. We discuss revision, your voice, branding, and creative options to – produce and shape your best work.

One on one support, feedback and coaching offered virtually and in person (location specific.)

Corporate & Speaking Events


You’re looking for event support for your company or organization to support inclusion goals or a fun event to get people thinking out of the box. Whether it’s a TEDx style lecture, a leadership workshop, or bringing an A-list comedian to your next event, – these are just a few of the ways we can work together. Laughter included.

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Let’s discover ways to support your next best moment.