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“Telling our truth is one of the bravest acts we can do moment to moment, especially for writers. We need to give ourselves permission to say the thing that we fear so that it has no power over us. Taking a risk is where the sweet reward lives.” ~Dionna Griffin-Irons

Upcoming Programming

Neighborhood Arts Program 2022 -2023

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Current Programming

2022 SPRING/SUMMER sessions offered in alliance with Story Studio Chicago & Chicago Dramatists

Beginning Improv @Second City Chicago – IN PERSON ONLY– Open to all levels

Telling Your Truth in Comedy @Chicago Dramatists – Antiracism & Inequality VIRTUAL ONLY Offering (Submission required)

Begins May 11 – June 8 (4 Thursdays)


All writers run up against the fear and doubt that keep us from telling our stories, especially when writing about personal experience. All too often we play it safe (or don’t play at all!) on the page. We stay in our heads instead of exploring the infinite possibilities of where truth lives – in our bodies and in relation to someone.  

Telling Your Truth brings an immersive online experience that allows writers to experiment with low stakes improvisation exercises, guided peer discussion to unveil high stakes truth to the page. Exploring simple scenic exposition, 4 W’s  (Who, What, Where and Why, ) writers share their voice in a variety of fun, creative risks – impromptu scenes,  unforgettable characters, and unapologetic rants from the comfort of their home! Breaking the pattern of solo writing, writers interact and connect in a variety of exercises that fuel memory, truth and spontaneity. In class, experience consists of lectures, personal storytelling, writing prompts, and weekly discussions of excerpts from favorite contemporary writers and satirists. A portion of class time is devoted to experiential discovery from improvisation with peers.  Interactive breakout rooms will be used for peer-to-peer feedback and improvised exercises.  

Writers will also be invited to a private FB community to share feedback and connections during their  TYT process. 

Connecting to our peers beyond the classroom experience deepens our connection and relationship to one another. When we are connected to our truth in every moment we can remember a writer’s greatest creative weapon: our voice, and the power of our stories and the calling 

Taught by Dionna Griffin-Irons, “one of Second City’s best mentors”  Telling Your Truth is a transformative experience that energizes writers to experiment, improvise, and give voice to their life experiences with a new sense of awareness. Using favorite improv strategies and an unforgettable truth-telling story, this course ignites any writing process with a bit of creative therapy, laughter, and unexpected surprise in a supportive atmosphere. This class is ideal for any writer seeking a creative tune-up or fire to jumpstart their “truth” in a new project. 

Class Overview:

Week One – Trust and Ego – Where Truth Lives

Week Two – Exploring 4 W’s in Scene work

Week Three – Pushing Our Perspective 

Week Four – Unpacking the Truth in New Mediums

Week Five – Characters, Rants, Obsessions

Week Six – Rituals to Truth and Class Sharing